Sustainable Economic Development SA

Welcome to SEDSA

Sustainable Economic Development SA believes in a shining and sustainable future for South Africa, developing economic growth, eradicating poverty and fairly distributing the gained wealth. In this we see the growth of SMME’s as the key to unlock South Africa’s potential.  

We highly value the role of the corporate sector in this transformation and are passionate about contributing towards Sustainable Economic Development in Southern Africa and Globally with Development Partners.

SEDSA offers development & management services in Southern Africa. We develop and manage your concepts, programs and projects; placing sustainable & transparent delivery first and foremost on our agenda. 

 We support our clients through a detailed process of consult, design and delivery of sustainable Enterprise Development. 

Together we strive for Empowerment, Growth & Transparency.

SEDSA offers a complete menu of services within business development & management. With our services and expertise we build cross border bridges, support the sponsor and beneficiary through all aspects in Economic Development, from concept to implementation.

We provide cross over creative input, support, training, mentoring and coaching, in-depth knowledge and hands on experience to our Client’s concepts & projects.

SEDSA adds value to any beneficiary in order to accelerate their growth.  We create the right environment and provide the necessary support structures allowing SMME’s and enterprises to flourish.