Sustainable Economic Development SA

How We Do It

SEDSA matches specific needs with our networks, partners and resources.
Our open and direct communication creates transparency and trust. Timely processing of your opportunity is our objective.

We make the most of existing knowledge and business relations within our Network and among our Partners. We aim to create partnerships, benefiting from collaboration on fair terms equalling its input.

We support our clients through a detailed process of consult, design & delivery of sustainable Economic Development. ‘Return of Investment’ opportunities are identified within the clients’ direct and indirect sphere.

Specific diagnostic tools allow us to assess the needs of every beneficiary throughout the process, resulting in a tailor made development program.

Specialised guidance targeted at the specific needs of a beneficiary greatly enhances their chances of success.

SEDSA is applying high level monitoring tools to track progress of its client’s projects, allowing detailed reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability.

We systematically monitor the financial, technical and administrative development of the business, while continuously improving the implementation plan.