Sustainable Economic Development SA

Our Processes

SEDSA will combine detailed schematic processes to guarantee service delivery. This allows tracking of the specific position of the client in its tailored program.

Before the client and SEDSA engage a clear scope of the program development management is defined. Company’s values and desired output are established, after which the process of program design can take place.

 Beneficiaries are identified and tested to the earlier determined values, after which diagnostic tools will determine their current status, limitations as well as their growth potential.

In depth analysis of their situation will determine in which phase of their ‘Life Cycle’ they are. International accepted business models and our research will allow us to ‘tailor made’ a realistic development program.

Program & project management tools allow strict monitoring of the implementation, tracking progress and change management.

High level monitoring tools will inform all stakeholders of the progress within the specific program or process. Clear communication protocols and reporting help to guide change management and clients’ expectations.